Business Branding

Case Study

Every industry has its own visual language, and it is vitally important to get to grips with this language and immerse yourself in it before starting a project.
Colour, typography, imagery, illustration, diagrams, sizes and photography all play their part in the visual language of design.
nextAV is a TV and sound business, that is why the black and white worked well with the look. My simplistic, bold and innovative approach to the whole brand of nextAV help it stand out, look professional and make it look clean and approachable.

Not that the actual business really is, without my designs this is really just a backyard scaly little business – looks can be deceiving and so much more proof that a good designer really do let your business stand out and look professional.

Visual Designer

Amelda van Tonder


Visual Design

I am a qualified Interior Designer and can assist in the interior of your offices / house / shop.
I Can help with adjustments on house plans – I use Adobe Photoshop for this type of adjustments. It helps giving your client or trades people a better and clearer image of the task.

We create awesome designs
for businesses
to succeed.
Email Marketing and Email Signature

Because a signature isn’t just a professional email sign-off, it’s a valuable marketing space that you mustn’t waste. It’s your chance to make an impression through every email – so make it a positive, professional, memorable one.